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Cosmetic Surgery Cost in India

Cosmetic surgery procedures are performed to make a person look younger or enhance his or her appearance in other ways. Reconstructive surgery is used to reattach body parts severed in combat or accidents, to perform skin grafts after severe burns, or to reconstruct parts of person's body that were missing at birth or removed by surgery.

Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries in India


It is performed to correct the disfigured ears. Some people may have disfigured ears due to accidents or birth complexities. Sometimes the structure of the ears causes partial or complete loss of hearing, in such cases otoplasty comes to the rescue.


is also known as nose job. People who want to enhance the shape and size of their nose go for rhinoplasty. People who have disfigured nose due to an accident or birth defect go for this surgery. People who have nasal or breathing problem also undergo rhinoplasty. The cost of the surgery depends on the severity and complexity of the problem.


This surgery enhances the appearance of eyes by making them look bright and well shaped. In this surgery the eyelids are lifted and given a proper shape so a patient no longer looks sleepy and tired. This is a good option for people with droopy eyes.

Face Lift

is performed on the people who are unhappy with their sagging facial skin. In this surgery an excessive loose skin is removed from the face through an operation. This surgery also helps you get rid of wrinkles by tightening them. It gives you a younger looking skin. A patient may choose to go for brow lift, neck lift, cheek lift etc.


It is quite similar to tummy tuck and performed to remove excessive fat and skin from the abdomen. There are various ways liposuction can be performed, such as laser therapy, mesotherapy, radiofrequency etc. and depending on the condition of a patient, a particular treatment is decided upon.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Surgery: Many women are unsatisfied with the shape and size of their breasts. Women who aspire for bigger size go for breast implants which enlarge the size of the breast. Some women have sagging and loose breasts that can be the result of aging or breast feeding. Such women are suggested to go for breast augmentation that helps them get back the firmness and elasticity of the breast. Another type of breast surgery involves reducing the breast size.

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